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“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Revelation 3:6).

The Lord must first heal you so that you may hear as He speaks.  Do you hear the Lord when He speaks?  He speaks through His word, in preaching and teaching, and through others.  He can use a donkey to speak His word, so He will even use pagans and unbelievers.  Do you hear the truth when it is spoken?  Listen as the Lord speaks to the churches.  He speaks to us all good instructions.

Lord, I am reading Your word and even though there are times when I do not understand, yet I know it is You who is speaking.  Lead me so that I listen and apply what You are saying to how I live.  Especially in the wilderness times, guide me to open my ears, even through the noise of this world, to hear Your still, gentle, and life-giving voice.  Attune my heart to know when Your Spirit speaks.

Lord Christ, Savior of all who will come to the Father, guide me in my hearing and in my actions.  No matter the source, when You speak, help me to hear and to understand.  You have set me upon the path of righteousness for Your sake.  Keep me upon the path of true faith to learn how to overcome that as I am with You now, I may remain forever.  Lead me Savior in the way of truth.  Amen.