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  • DONNA KINNEY says:

    Blessings to all!
    We are one of the PINE ISLAND homeowner’s, “Mr. and Mrs. Dana Kinney”, that had the privilege to have these angels appear in the midst of our one of our darkest days following hurricane Ian. At almost 70 years old and 47 years of marriage, we, for the first times in our lives, had lost hope. The Lord spared our lives; the kindness of a neighbor, whose home, sheltered us from 14 ft of rising water. It was terrifying, but we knew the worst that could happen? ” We would step into Life, with our Lord and our Father “.

    The morning after the storm we checked our house.
    Sadly, the water had risen to 5 feet inside, all lost. Our land was stripped of all flora and fauna; we were now, homeless. The memories of our lives were spread along the road, the piano keyboard sat amongst the ruin along with our worldly possessions. As precious as our belongings were, it is just stuff we HAD an attachment to.

    Living in a camper in our driveway, has been a learning experience. A family member loaned us a truck and a camper in order to bless us with a place to lay our head while we attempt to repair IANS destruction. We’ve learned we need much less, there are so many others who have far less, the gift of giving & sharing is more enriching than receiving. A huge lesson? “Receiving” is one of the most humbling experiences, ever.

    Our spirits were so low, then God sent us a miracle. River’s Edge Ministry (REM), located in Mt. Airy, MD, traveled to Pine Island, FL in January as part of Cross Country Mission (CCM) 2023. Mary Bates, NALC Disaster Response Coordinator, was such a blessing to extend a hand of relief.
    Her “GROUP” came in and worked so hard for 3 days. They all “glowed” with their Christian and positive spirits. Their presence filled our home with a renewed feeling of God’s Love. Both their spirit and their loving hands left their marks and hearts in our home for ever. We shall forever be humbled, grateful and blessed for all the kindness that was shown to us.

    We have a long way to go, but without the helping hands and feet of Jesus we’d not be where we are today.

    Our deepest thanks and Blessings to all!