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“And He came and took the book out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne” (Revelation 5:7).

God the Son takes the book out of the Hand of God the Father?  This is a prophetic vision.  I wonder if too many have gone too literal with the word pictures.  How does one describe  the mystery of eternity?  What is important here is the book of life.  The Lamb takes the book of life.  The One who is worthy to judge has the book.  Did He not say that there was nothing hidden that would not be revealed?

Lord, I go into my own mind rather than looking to You, the Author and Finisher of my faith.  Guide me Lord in the upward call You have given me so that I may humbly walk in Your presence.  Lead me now and always in the goodness of that call.  You are worthy to judge.  You are the judge of the living and the dead.  One day I too will stand before You to be judged.

Lord, without Your grace, I know what the outcome would be.  Guide me by Your grace to live into the life for which You have called me.  I may not know what I will be, but I do know from scripture that I will be like You.  Continue to shape me as You know I need to be shaped.  Guide me always in the Father’s will and keep me from being stymied because there is something I do not understand.  You have given me faith.  Let that be enough for me.  Amen.