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“Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!” (Revelation 6:6)

In war lives are considered dispensable.  The priority is killing enemies and life is given less value.  Vast swaths of ground are destroyed, and the people go hungry.  Less food and hungry people mean the ones who are in control profit.  This is the way of wickedness.  We too have profited, for we eat cheap food and pay poor wages.  Only the Lord can bring true balance to the insanity of this age.

Lord, I do not want to confess that I have benefitted from the inequities of this world.  Help me to see things as they are and where possible, to make amends.  Guide me to be fervent in Your way of living and not adopt any other cause that moves in any direction that is away from You.  Lead me to live at peace, be fair, and seek for the welfare of others, especially the helpless and those who are victimized.

Lord Jesus, You came to save us all.  Amidst circumstances I cannot fully fathom, help me to live into the life to which You have called me.  Let me not answer anger with anger, but with peaceful self-control.  Help me to love even when others are hating.  Let me share what I have with those who may not be able to obtain what they need.  The world is at war with itself.  Give Your peace to me amidst the ways of this world.  Amen.