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“For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?” (Revelation 6:17)

The great and terrible day is coming for all.  On that day there will be a separation of the wheat from the chaff, goats from the sheep, saved from the condemned.  In one sense. It is not a moment to look forward to.  Not that we who are in Jesus will not be saved, but that the condemned will be eternally separated for God.  We should have such compassion that we would want to see no one be damned.  Who indeed will withstand it?  We all shall face the end.

Lord, raise the level of my compassion so that I see in others those who bear Your image.  How easy it is to think like the world and see in others through the hatred, bigotry, and prejudice that drives this age.  Lead me according to Your promises and the hope You have implanted in me so that I continue to hope for those who, for me, seem most hopeless.  Change my heart to be one filled with compassion for those lost in themselves.

Lord Jesus, in great compassion, You died for the ungodly.  That includes me.  You taught us to love our neighbor.  Any whom You have put into my life, regardless of how I feel about them in the moment, are my neighbors.  Help me to learn how to love them as You love them.  Guide me in the upward way of living so that I learn from You how to have compassion for all, knowing the great and terrible day is coming.  Amen.