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“Then one of the elders asked me, “These in white robes—who are they, and where did they come from?” (Revelation 7:13)

Where do you come from?  How did you get to the place where you read these words?  Who is behind the journey you are on?  You did not arrive at this place on your own.  The saints who have gone before you have provided a faithful witness.  The Holy Spirit has been at work all along.  Pay attention to your neighbors, for they too deserve your thanks.  Move out of yourself and into reality.

Lord, I do not think about all the things that have happened so that I could hear about You and the Good News of Great joy.  Help me to appreciate all the things that have come together to make my faith possible.  Help me to be moved by all the things that were necessary in order for me to believe.  Then teach me how to be thankful for all the faithful saints who have provided their witness.

Lord Jesus, there are a great cloud of witnesses who have provided a path for me to follow.  It began with You.  Help me to walk the path of salvation and be one of those who leaves a witness for others who will come after me.  Guide me in Your goodness to join the cloud of witnesses and sing Your praise with my life, taking up my cross and going where You lead me.  Lead me into faithfulness this day dear Lord.  Amen.