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“Therefore, “they are before the throne of God and serve him day and night in his temple; and he who sits on the throne will shelter them with his presence” (Revelation 7:15).

Jesus told us all that we need to know.  Do we listen?  He said, abide in me and I in you.”  Those who abide in Him will be with Him forever.  Do not answer with the trivial, “That sounds boring.”  It is not about You.  This is His creation and you have been invited to abide with Him.  The proposition of living a life of faith is a twenty-four a day, seven days each week proposition.  Do not think that your faith-life is a hobby or a part-time pursuit.

Lord, You gave Your all.  It is a an all or nothing proposition to walk humbly with You.  Guide me, Lord, in the truth so that I do not fall into the trap of playing games with anyone.  Lead me according to Your goodness to see reality more clearly.  The wicked one will assault me in body, mind, and spirit.  Help me resist the attacks he will launch.  Help me to keep my focus, and may it be clearly upon You.

Lord Jesus, You have invited me to walk humbly with You all the days of this life and into eternity.  Help me take the steps I need to take.  Help me and clear my mind.  Guide me in Your goodness, knowing that in You alone is there hope and an eternal future.  May I be one who knows that You alone are Lord and that my awareness of truth begins with abiding in You.  Come, Lord Jesus, and abide in me and teach me to abide in You.  Amen.