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“And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them” (Revelation 8:2).

After the silence, the Lord speaks.  Are you prepared to hear what the Lord has to say?  Many go about their day without a thought about the One who made them.  Some deny Him and become wrapped up in the false gods of this age.  But what about you?  Are you prepared to hear when the Lord speaks?  Open your ears and listen, for the Savior desires that you not perish, but come to Him and remain with Him forever.

Lord, You have spoken in many and various ways.  In these latter times, You have spoken words of warning so that we may realize how serious You are about our salvation.  Guide me, dear Lord, in the way of truth so that I may humbly walk with You and learn.  You have given me the gift of grace and You send me into the world to tell others of the Good News of great joy.  Send me, Lord, prepared by Your word.

Lord, there are many things I can ask for.  In terms of things in this world, what good would they do?  Help me to prepare by knowing Your word and walking in Your ways.  Guide me to proclaim with all that I am the truth of the Gospel. Lead me, Lord, in the way You would have me go.  If I am to declare You in this world, give me the voice to speak of You faithfully.  In all things, help me learn from You how to be steadfast in Your Word.  Amen