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“And the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound them” (Revelation 8:6).

The Lord is not capricious.  You are reading these verses.  Is He not giving you warning of things to be aware of?  Judgement is built into reality.  There is a reaction to every action.  This age of wickedness pays a price for being wicked.  Do not suppose that we are exempt.  We are not.  Live then according to the gift of grace you have been given so that when judgement comes, you will know it is for us all.  Christ paid the price to redeem those who are His.

Lord, I do experience the repercussions of wickedness in this age.  Help me, I pray, to understand that in You alone is my hope.  That hope does not mean I will not suffer in this age, but it does mean that I know that my outcome is based upon You and Your goodness.  Lead me, Lord, to be unconditional in the life I live.  Lead me according to Your will to do what is right, now and always.

Lord Jesus, You walked this earth and You know what it is to receive punishment without any guilt.  You took my guilt with You to the cross.  But as Your word reminds us, all things work together for good for those who love You.  When I experience the judgements that come upon this earth, help me to keep my eyes upon You.  Lead me in Your goodness to know the truth of the freedom You grant through the grace You purchased for us all.  Amen.