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“They had hair like the hair of women, and their teeth were like the teeth of lions” (Revelation 9:8).

Soft and alluring, but inwardly, ravenous and with intent to devour.  The world does act this way often.  Politicians plead and then destroy.  It’s all about the struggle for power.  But all power belongs to the Lord.  Yet the wicked continue as if they had the power.  That is the deception of this age.  The devil wants to be God.  But the clear word of the Lord has been spoken.  Listen to truth.  People want to be their own god.  But there is only One who is God and He is the Savior.

Lord, I may not know much, but I can understand if I see things in simple terms.  Open my eyes to see so that when deception raises its head, I see it.  Of course, the temptation will be alluring.  I would not willingly jump into a pit filled with deadly snakes, but trickery causes people to do just that.  Lead me to live a sober and humble life that seeks You always.  Guide me in the way You have established and light my path to walk in Your way.

Lord Jesus, I need Your help.  As You spoke through Psalm 22, I sometimes feel like the dogs have circled around me to devour me.  Even if I am consumed, remind me that I am always Yours no matter what.  Even if my body is destroyed, remind me by Your grace that with my own eyes I shall see You.  Fill me with the hope You give so that I may now and always abide richly in You.  Amen.