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“And if anyone wants to harm them, fire flows out of their mouth and devours their enemies; so if anyone wants to harm them, he must be killed in this way” (Revelation 11:5).

The Word is like fire.  It will devour untruth, wickedness, and the lies that are spoken.  Why do you speak as the world speaks when you have heard the word of truth.  The truth will set you free.  Be free and live, speaking the word of truth no matter the cost in this world.  Those who are dead to the Lord are dead even if they walk around in this world.  Those who are alive in the Lord are alive even if they are asleep.

Lord, You have always been and are present in all moments of time.  You see all things.  You have spoken Your word with great care to reveal to us the truth of the reconciliation that You offer to those who repent and believe.  Lord, grant that I would learn how to walk in the firm conviction that only in You is there hope.  Though I will die, I shall always be alive because of the grace You have given me.

Lord Jesus, I am afraid of what people think, of what they will or will not do to me.  I am afraid of the consequences of speaking up for You in this hostile world.  Take away that fear that I may fulfil the first commandment and have no one or nothing before You in my life.  Let me not be afraid of death, but afraid of not pleasing the Father.  Guide me, Lord, to love as I have been loved and to love my neighbor enough to tell them about You.  Amen.