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Editor’s Note:  Rev. Dr. Douglas Schoelles joined the board of Lutheran CORE earlier this year.  Rev. Jeffray Greene has been writing devotions for us for a long time. We are grateful to them both for their valuable contributions to Lutheran CORE.

Lutheran CORE’s readers have been faithfully absorbing Rev. Greene’s daily devotions for many years. Some read them via the website and others view them on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

But it’s nice to have options. Pastor Schoelles enables you to watch a video or listen to audio in the car. He records The Daily Plunge in which he encourages “a quick swim in the day’s scripture reading.” Pr. Schoelles says he works his way through books of the Bible in bite-sized pieces. And by bite-sized he means videos in the 4–5-minute range. Definitely digestible!

Dr. Schoelles recently asked Lutheran CORE if we would like to link to his devotionals from our website. The answer was yes, thank you! And so now we can listen, watch or follow along by 1) listening to the audio, 2) watching via YouTube, or 3) following along on his Facebook page. Click here to open our new Daily Plunge Bible Study page where you can choose the option which best suits you. Also, click here to see Dr. Schoelles’ playlists arranged by books of the Bible.

Currently, Rev. Greene is about halfway through the book of Revelation while Dr. Schoelles is wading through 1 Corinthians. Please join us!

Both sets of devotions are available each day. Check here to see our new Devotions page. The Daily Devotions page and the new Daily Plunge Bible Study page are subpages under it but can also be accessed via the Devotions page.

Click here to see our revised web map reflecting these changes.

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  • Douglas Schoelles says:

    I am so glad to be on the board for Lutheran CORE and am glad to share the Daily Plunge bible devotions with y’all.

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