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“A mouth was given to him speaking arrogant words and blasphemies, and authority to act for forty-two months was given to him” (Revelation 13:5).

Different rulers have ruled different lengths of time and one day there will be the final earthly ruler.  They all have this in common: they are arrogant, boastful and their mouths are filled with blasphemy.  Humans fall for the strongman.  Those who do not are forced to follow him.  This is the way of the world and one more reason to realize that we need to be saved.  Rulers of the world are temporary. The Word of the LORD is forever.

Lord, You are the beginning and the end.  All things are in Your hands.  Open my eyes to see the handiwork of Your creation which the world does not see.  Open my ears to hear the beauty of this creation, knowing that You have created this to be beautiful, shared, and enjoyed.  Guide me in the way I need to go despite whomever is leading us.  Let me see that all things here are temporary, but You are forever.

Jesus, King of the universe, through whom all things have been made, lift me up to see You more clearly.  Regardless of my circumstances, help me to have a clear vision of the hope You give.  Even if the strongman of ill-health becomes dictator of this life, help me to keep my eyes upon You and the promise which is mine in You.  Take me beyond the arrogant words of this world to live in the hope of Your eternal word.  Amen.