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“And no lie was found in their mouths; they are blameless” (Revelation 14:5).

The person with whom we have the greatest difficulty being honest is ourselves.  When we become like Christ, there is no longer any deceit.  Think about everything Jesus said and then think about how often you do not live the words He spoke and how they conflict with what you are truly like right now and where you go astray.  As to being blameless?  Christ has taken all blame upon Himself and on the cross it died with Him.  We are called to be reconciled to God.

Lord, I find these thoughts almost impossible to begin to comprehend.  In my mind it is just You and me right now and You know how I twist and turn things all the time.  I long for the day when I too shall speak only truth.  To live in a place where everyone is blameless and truthful.  It must begin with me and that is an amazing thought.  Lead me, O Lord, to do what is right even if others do not like what is right and true.

Lord Jesus, You have taken all my sins upon Yourself and on the cross the blame died with You.  I understand that.  I do not understand the evil that is within me that causes me to think, say, and do things that are not right or true.  Help me to become honest, first with myself, and then in a gracious way, truthful with others.  Guide me into the life where I will become what You intend.  Amen.