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“And the fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun, and it was given power to scorch people with fire” (Revelation 16:8).

What will it take?  I have seen calamity come upon people and they curse the Lord.  I have heard them say, “Where is your God now?”  It is sad that the rebellion runs so deep in some people.  The Lord allows us to be “scorched” in this world to remind us that we do pay a price for the choices we make.  Sometimes we pay a price for the choices others make.  Christ paid the price for all of us; that for which He had no guilt.

Lord, grant me perspective so that I do not react so quickly to things that happen.  Guide me according to Your purpose so that I live humbly in the truth that I am a redeemed sinner.  Things will happen in this life that I do not understand, but You have promised that it all works together because I am in Your grace and mercy.  Teach me to love You, Lord, as You conform me to Your image.

Thank You, Jesus, for doing the hard work.  You were not just “scorched”, You were killed on the cross and willingly allowed this for all who believe, by which You paid the price for our redemption.  Lead me in the way of truth.  No matter what comes in this life, guide me according to Your purposes so that I may learn from You.  Guide me today, moment by moment, so that I may learn from You how to live fully in the truth of Your presence.  Amen.

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