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“And the people were scorched with fierce heat; and they blasphemed the name of God who has the power over these plagues, and they did not repent so as to give Him glory” (Revelation 16:9).

Sometimes things happen.  The wicked curse God for them.  They do not look to the Lord for anything except as One whom they curse.  Yes, you may talk with the Lord any time you like.  It’s called prayer.  But when it comes to your situation, ask, do not tell the Lord what you are thinking.  God is Lord and Sovereign over all.  The rebellion raises the heart to think it equal and even superior to the Lord.

Lord, I have become caught up in this game of treating You without respect.  Forgive me, Lord, and lead me away from such sinful behavior.  Who am I that You would even pay attention to me; but You do.  Guide me, Lord, to have a new heart that is filled with love and not pride.  Help me to have an attitude of gratitude and not prideful expectation.  No matter the circumstance, help me to always know that You alone are Lord of all.

Lord Jesus, the glory of Salvation, You have done exceedingly more than I could ever ask or expect.  Guide me in the way You know I need to go this day.  Lead me in the way of eternal life.  Help me to bring glory to God through all of my actions that show others my belief in You.  Teach me to ask and never demand from You what I desire.  May I be Your humble servant and willingly live in the circumstances You grant me to live in.  Amen.