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“Behold, I am coming like a thief. Blessed is the one who stays awake and keeps his clothes, so that he will not walk about naked and people will not see his shame” (Revelation 16:15)

Has not the Lord warned us to be on the alert?  Many times, in Scripture, the Lord tells us to be on the alert.  That must mean that we easily get lulled into sleep.  Having a watchful attitude, staying alert, and being mindful of all things helps us to see our world differently.  It is not being paranoid, just aware that the wicked one is constantly deceiving many.  Do not be deceived.  Live in the hope of Christ.

Jesus, You have done all that needs to be done so that we may live with You forever.  You have warned us so that we can be prepared for the onslaught of evils that will come our way.  Help us to heed these simple words and abide in You.  Guide Your church out of the malaise of sleepiness to be alert and see the duplicity of the wicked one.  Help us Lord and teach us to look to You alone.

Lord Jesus, You were in a constant battle with wickedness with those who from without and within were using deceit to confuse those who were genuinely seeking truth.  It is no different today.  Clear my mind to see things as they are.  Lead me so that I may learn how to be faithful.  Keep me from the temptation of sloth so that I may be alert, awake, and ready for whatever You allow to come my way.  Amen