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“And they gathered them together to the place which in Hebrew is called Har-Magedon” (Revelation 16:16).

The wars of this age will one day culminate in the last battle.  It will be a day that is terrible for the eternal loss of so many.  It will be the day of victory for the faithful.  It will be a great and terrible day.  Yet, that day is also before each one of us.  Will it be a great or terrible day for you?  The answer is yes, but which will it be?  Followers of Christ gather in the final battle of sin and the Lord of all slays the sins of the faithful and they then undergo final judgement to be united with Him.

Lord, whether I see that last day of this age in this life, or just my last day in this age, really does not matter.  It is before us all.  Who I am, or rather, whose I am does matter.  The wicked one would keep me deceived.  You have redeemed me and called me to become like You.  In the hope of Your promises, lead me Lord in the way of everlasting life.  Guide me away from wickedness and unto holiness.

Lord Jesus, Savior and judge of my soul, You know where I am on my journey and what needs to be done.  You are fully aware of all circumstances.  What can I tell You that You do not already know?  Lead me and help me to follow You.  Guide me in Your goodness to be conformed to Your image and help me now and always to follow You wherever You lead.  Thank You, Lord, for calling me according to Your purpose and for saving me.  Amen.