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“And huge hailstones, weighing about a talent each, came down from heaven upon people; and people blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail, because the hailstone plague was extremely severe” (Revelation 16:21).

God, do what I want!  Is this not how many act?  Even those who call themselves Christians are conditional in their behavior.  But it ought not be so with you.  To be faithful is to endure whatever may come.  If the Lord takes care of the sparrow, will He not take care of you?  And in taking care of you, this does not mean that you will not have to pick up your cross when you follow Jesus.

Lord, in this world where the lie is believed as the truth, You have shown reality by dying on the cross.  It is a lie to think that I will not suffer.  I am thankful when I do not suffer.  Lord, help me work through the struggle between the lie of this age and the reality You have placed before me.  Though I die, no, when I die, I will still live.  Because You live, I too have the hope of the resurrection before me.

Lord Jesus, You have completed the path of salvation before us so that all who are faithful may live eternally with You.  No matter what befalls me in this age, even hailstones raining down on me, grant that I would look to You with thankfulness for all things.  Lead me in the way of truth and help me to follow You always.  You have the words of eternal life and nothing I experience will ever take that away.  Keep me in You.  Amen.