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“And the angel said to me, “Why do you wonder? I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her, which has the seven heads and the ten horns” (Revelation 17:7).

Why do you wonder?  The Lord is telling us these things.  You look at Hollywood, Bollywood and the entertainment of the world and what is it?  We go to amusement parks (look up the meaning of the word amuse).  We have pumped into us all day long the garbage of the whore of Babylon and then we wonder at the state of the world.  If it is garbage in, then it means garbage out.

Lord, it is right in front of my eyes.  You are not talking about us being prissy, prudish, or uptight, for indecency and decadence is right before our eyes all the time.  I may not be able to do anything about what is out there, but I can do something about what goes on in my mind.  Perfection is in the Lord and not in what happens in this world.  Do not be deceived.  There it is:  do not be deceived.

Lord Jesus, You saw this world first-hand.  You see it for what it is.  Lead me, O Lord, to hold fast to Your goodness and mercy.  Guide me away for the prostitution of this world to live a life that is holy.  Teach me purity and decency and then help me to live that way in my daily life.  Keep me wondering about the decadence of this world and then begin pondering the goodness You have revealed through the Gospel.  Amen.