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“The woman whom you saw is the great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth” (Revelation 17:18).

It is not an individual, but a way of life that rules.  In our age, there is a constant flux that revolves around self-satisfaction.  Not freedom or godliness, but hedonism and control, denial of God and the good things He has declared, which are the basis of true justice and equity, are lived.  Blaming and accusing others is practiced.  It has been this way since the introduction of sin in the Garden.

Lord, things really are not any different than they have always been.  Cities and vast numbers allow sinners to hide out and not live as You would have us live.  No matter how difficult faithfulness may be in our age, join me with others who desire to be faithful so that we can live seeking the godliness You give by grace.  Keep me from the temptations common to this age so that I may remain in Your presence and purpose.

Lord Jesus, You walked humbly in our midst.  Everything is Yours and You gave it up for all of us.  In the model You have given, guide me to live in Your presence and walk humbly with You, learning from You how life is to be lived.  Let me not be like the world, but like You.  The  whole world may sell out to the whore of Babylon; but grant that I might remain faithful to You.  Keep me in Your presence and purpose always.  Amen.