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“And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their cargo anymore” (Revelation 18:11)

How much of our money, time, and effort do we waste on things that do not really matter?  The stores have shelves filled with things upon things.  Once two or three sets of clothes were enough.  Now we have too many to choose from.  One day the Lord will say “enough”.  Prudence will return and no one will buy all the junk that is being produced.  Why not start now?

Lord, what is prudent?  I do not know.  How much do I really need?  How much is enough?   Your grace is sufficient, but what does that mean?  Help me, dear Lord, to gain wisdom and have a clear mind about what I do and do not need.  Guide me away from this consumerism that has the whole world reaching for their wallet.  Lead me to spend my time, effort, and money on things that will make a difference. Grant me contentment with what I have.

Lord Jesus, You did not spend Your time the way the world spends its time.  Even in Your day, which was not as frantic with consuming as now, You went from place to place and engaged with people.  Lead me, Lord, to follow Your example and engage with people.  As I walk this life of faith, grant me a clearer mind, eyes that see, and a willingness to set godly priorities.  Amen.