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“And the sound of harpists, musicians, flute players, and trumpeters will never be heard in you again; and no craftsman of any craft will ever be found in you again; and the sound of a mill will never be heard in you again” (Revelation 18:22)

Music was created by the Lord.  Craftsmanship skills are a gift of the Lord.  Musical instruments have been used to call God’s people to worship.  It is not the things themselves, but what wickedness has done to pervert the use of these things.  All these things in this age that are perverted, we see in abundance.  In eternity, the perversions will be no more.  You shall have no other gods before the Lord God Almighty.

Lord, it is second nature to me, and I do not think about the reality of how these things which You have created are perverted.  Guide me away from such things.  Grant me eyes to see and ears to hear so that I may clearly understand what is detestable to You.  Do not lead me to be a zealot but do lead me to be discerning about these things and fervent for righteousness.  Let me not fall into the pit of wrath that comes upon the wicked. 

Lord, where my heart is not pure, purify it.  Where I use the gifts You have given for my own glory, change my focus so that all I do is used for Your glory instead of mine.  When I hear fine instruments, let them call me to You.  Although I must live in this age of wickedness, change the direction of my heart to look to You always.  Only in You is there eternity.  Only in You is there hope.  Grant me the hope of eternity through faith in You.  Amen.