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“And a second time they said, “Hallelujah! Her smoke rises forever and ever” (Revelation 19:3)

The day will come when all the things of this age which tug at you will be removed.  When we are resurrected to be with Christ as well as be like Him, we shall be freed of all the wickedness of this age.  I do not know, but I suspect it is much deeper and more prevalent than even we know.  Look to the Savior and know that goodness will prevail.  The day will come when all the wickedness will be judged.

Lord, move me to the place where what I do in secret is the same as what I do in public.  Let me be consistent so that what people think of me as to who I am, is really who I am.  Although, grant me a lack of excess concern for how people think about me, for it is You who matters above all.  Guide me into the Christ-life so that I may learn from You how to deal with all the nonsense that goes on around me.

Lord Jesus, I do praise You for eternally freeing me from the recompense of sin and death.  Lead me today to live into a life that is pure and chaste.  Do not make me prudish, as some are, but guard my mind toward the garbage of this world and how it pollutes us all.  Lead me into a life of praise and thanksgiving, knowing that only in You is there true joy, hope, and fulfilment.  Amen.

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