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“And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the holy city, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, having the glory of God. Her brilliance was like a very valuable stone, like a stone of crystal-clear jasper” (Revelation 21:10-11).

How does one describe what is indescribable?  Word pictures are used to describe beauty but take care lest you read into this more than is here.  The Lord has prepared something that is more beautiful than we are able to comprehend.  We are invited into the new city as members of the body of Christ and to live the new life which is free from the wickedness of this age.  This is what we are to hope for in our life with Christ.

Lord, there are things I cannot imagine and I do not know why not knowing things keeps me from moving forward.  You have held out before us things that are beyond our ability to comprehend.  Lead me to understand that I am hoping in You.  You have given the words of eternal life and in You is hope and an eternal future.  Lead me to look to You always, knowing that Your promises are true.

Lord Jesus, You have come humbly so that we might live faithfully.  I may not even suspect all the things that You are going to do, but You are preparing us for things we cannot yet imagine.  Guide me today to humbly live the life You have given me, simply knowing that in You is hope and an eternal future.  Lead me all the days of my life to do what You would have me do.  Keep me in the faith You give now and forever.  Amen.