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“The one who spoke with me had a gold measuring rod to measure the city, its gates, and its wall” (Revelation 21:15).

What is gold?  It is something that will not tarnish and it is pure.  Measuring the city is with purity and truth.  What is the city of God, but the people who have come through the tribulation of this age and have learned how to live faithfully trusting the Lord.  The Lord has laid before us what He is doing and how He is doing it.  He has called everyone to faithfulness and as many as believe are included in His salvation.

Lord, I need to take care in how I measure things.  I often measure with a skewed bias, not truthfully.  Help me to be pure in my assessments and true to You in my judgements.  Help me to judge others righteously as I would want to be judged.  Let the truth prevail so that there is equity and justice in all matters within my control.  Guide me now and always to look to You, the perfect judge, and to assess according to Your goodness and mercy.

Lord Jesus, as I want leniency when You judge me, so also grant that I would do the same for others.  Yet, when I need Your harsh judgement to keep me on the narrow path, so also grant me the ability to be truthful, yet loving, with others when they also need that kind of correction.  In all things, lead me in the way of true living, being concerned for my neighbor’s welfare as You have always been concerned for mine.  Amen.