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“But when he had thought this over, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife; for the Child who has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 1:20).

Will you listen to an angel of the Lord, or will you believe what you think is true?  Is this not the question we all face when choosing to believe that Jesus is God in the flesh, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered, died, was resurrected, and is coming again?  It takes a bold act to move into faith.  Some waffle and waver, or so it seems, but what about you?  Will you take that step into firm faith, stop asking questions that are not yet be answered and believe?

Lord, I know that my unbelief needs to be dealt with.  There are so many things that stop me short.  Yet, I do believe.  Help my feet to move into the territory of living by faith where, like Joseph, I do not fear, but move ahead even in the face of what seems absurd.  My wife is pregnant and still a virgin.  Let me become like Mary and say, “Be Thou done to me according to Thy will.”

Holy Trinity, in the grand mystery of life, there is still much I need to learn.  But what I know or do not know does not matter.  What matters is that You are leading me all the days of this life and toward the life to come.  In Your providence, guide me this day Holy Spirit to be conformed to You Jesus so that in all I do, I may do what is pleasing in Your sight Heavenly Father.  Help me to step out in faith in, through, and by and in Your Holy Name.  Amen.