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“Then Herod secretly called for the magi and determined from them the exact time the star
appeared” (Matthew 7).

In paranoia, Herod wants to be rid of the threat. We live in a world filled with paranoid and
hostile people. The Lord has come to save us in spite of ourselves. We try to figure things out
and make them go the way we want. The Lord already knows how things will turn out and will
direct it such that all things will work together for good for those who come into the light of His

Lord, sometimes I too plot, but I do not consider it bad or wicked. The truth is, anything that is
not according to Your will is sin. Help me to focus upon living the life for which my Savior died
that I might be lifted up into a life like His. Who knows the exact time of anything except You,
Lord? Guide me to trust You who knows these things so that I may humbly walk in the faith You
have given me.

My Savior Jesus, born in the village of Bethlehem, bring me to You so that I may join the
Magi and worship You. You have gifted me with the gifts I have and called me through my
baptism to live into the life for which You have prepared me to live the right way by grace.
Always be the One who is the shining star for me to see and follow. Close my ears to the ones
who would lead me astray. Teach me humble faithfulness. Amen.

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