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“Now John himself had a garment of camel’s hair and a leather belt around his waist; and his food was locusts and wild honey” (Matthew 3:4).

In Israel, the carob tree produces pods that, when roasted, taste like chocolate.  They are loaded with caffeine.  In John’s day, they were called locusts.  Perhaps John ate carob and honey.  In other words, he lived simply with a cheap coat, eating free food.  The Lord has called us to live despite our circumstances, learning to be faithful to the call He has given us.  The prosperity of the Lord is walking with Him, increasing in knowledge, and coming into His wisdom.

The Lord raises up whom He raises up.  We need teachers to help us know what the Lord is saying.  Then, we need to learn to really listen to what the Holy Spirit will say and hear as He speaks.  No matter your circumstances, the Lord has already raised you up through the promise of your baptism.  Walk in His promises and come into the wisdom He gives through His salvation.

Lord Jesus, before You began Your ministry, John the Baptist came to prepare the way.  You are the way; and He came to clear the path for Your coming.  These things have been revealed. I am familiar with the story, but it is not like stories that are made up.  It is rough and the way seems narrow.  No matter my circumstances, bring me through this rough place on the narrow path so that I too may join with You now as we go into forever.  Amen.