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“Jesus said to him, “On the other hand, it is written: ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test’” (Matthew 4:7).

The problem with “If” questions, when it comes to the Lord, is that you are asking God to prove Himself.  He created everything and you want Him to prove it.  “Prove there is a God.”  You say that you love some one?  Well, prove it!  If you think this through, you realize that life is experienced, and you can be a witness, but you cannot provide scientific proof.  Be done with the wicked one’s silliness.

Lord, You know how often I fall for the traps set by the clever who are not interested in the truth, but only in putting others down so that they may feel good about themselves.  You have given me faith, and I say I believe.  Help me so that I not fall into the trap of putting You to the test.  Guide me in the upward way so that I honor what You say and do not test You.

Lord Jesus, I am not You and I do fall for these tricks of the devil.  Guide me in Your goodness to know that in You alone is hope for my salvation.  When all is said and done, what do I know?  I hope in You.  In faith, by the grace You have given me, guide me today through whatever tricks the liars of this age will use to try and deceive me.  Help me to be faithful to You now and forever.  Amen


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