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“Blessed are the gentle, for they will inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5).

What nobility is supposed to be is gentle. The gentle man was supposed to be the one who had been given much and used his gifts for the sake of the community.  The gentle are they who use their faith to help others.  This is not about gaining worldly wealth, but about being a steward of all that the Lord has given you and using it for His kingdom.  The Lord desires all to possess the true riches of His kingdom.

Lord, I live in a greedy age where people scramble to get on top of each other, seeking to gain as much for themselves as possible.  You have already promised the new earth for those who are gentle.  Not with greed, but in sincerity and truth, lead me to be gentle with others for Your sake.  Whatever that truly means, lead me in this day to see through the cloud of  sin in me to come into the clear place of faith and the shining truths You have revealed.

Lord Jesus, You have purpose for every word You have spoken.  You did not come to just lift us up, brush us off and send us on our way.  You came that we might have true life through You, The One through whom all things have their being.  Guide me, my Savior, to walk humbly with You, and teach me what it means to be gentle.  Lead me in Your goodness and purpose that I may know that I am Your gentle servant.  Amen