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“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9).

For those who follow the way of the world, there is hatred.  Those who follow the way of the Lord learn how to love.  The only way to love is to learn how to make peace with those who hate.  Sometimes it may not happen, but you are to live trying for peace.  The peacemakers are living in a way that they do not encourage or foster the constant warfare of this age.  This differentiation is what Christ has accomplished for us from the cross.

Lord, this is a part of the cross I must bear.  I must first tolerate and then learn how to love those who hate me.  When they hate me, they are hating You.  Teach me how to make peace with my enemies.  Teach me how to love as You love.  Teach me so that I may become a child of the Heavenly Father.  Guide me in Your goodness and mercy to be blessed in all I do.

Lord Jesus, in Your ministry, You were always truthful, but You never hated.  You love those whom You have created, even those who will eternally be separated from You.  Lead me in the way of love, Lord, so that I may learn to act as You acted with those around You.  Guide me today to do those things which make for peace in this world of hostility.  Help me always to stay on the narrow way of salvation.  Amen.

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  • Mike Lubas says:

    My enemies include rapists, abortionists, evil strategists in high places including churches, social justice/community organizations, government, law and those perverting minds and morals from kindergartens to colleges. And yes, they are schooled to prowl for those like me who in a previous ‘life’ want peace at any cost including major compromise to the Way, the Truth and the Life. A Mighty Fortress (for me), hardly evokes hugs and compromise, evading the reason(s) WHY we can’t all ‘just get along’. Peace, ironically is the bloody cost of war. The full armor of Eph.6 is hardly required attire for sensitivity training and peace pipe venders.