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“Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:10).

Christianity has always been under hostility.  True faith is often hammered.  Whether it is the pretentious who want you to practice as they do, having no grace or mercy, or the ones who outright hate God, there is a constant battle in this world.  Fight the good fight.  The kingdom of heaven is at hand, and it belongs to those who walk with Jesus here, now, and forever.  Walk knowing that you are in God’s kingdom.

Lord, there is the kingdom of this world and Your kingdom which is forever.  I live in both.  Help me to learn how to navigate so that I do not err on the side of the earth, nor become so focused upon my faith for the sake of heaven that I am useless here.  You have freed me from those things which bind me to the mortality of this earth, but also, I need to grow in Your likeness to prepare for heaven.

Dear Jesus, You have set these things in motion, and concern for this world often overwhelms me.  Lead me. Lord. in the way of faith so that I may be guarded by Your goodness as I navigate my way (with Your help) in this world.  Aid me to know that in You I have eternal hope and a future.  You have called me, and in You I have the precious promise of salvation.  I will encounter adversity and even persecution for my faith.  Help me to stand firm and remain faithful to You.  Amen.