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“When Jesus heard him, he was amazed and said to those who followed him, “Truly I tell you, in no one in Israel have I found such faith” (Matthew 8:10).

What is faith?  Is it not absolutely trusting without even fully understanding how or why?  Faith and authority go together.  Do you trust the Lord?  I mean, really, absolutely, trust the Lord?  We are called to trust Him above all things, including our circumstances, understanding, or ability to know.  Have faith in Jesus such that you trust Him at His word.  If He says He will do something, He will do it.  You may not see the result, but that does not matter. The Lord is absolutely trustworthy.

Lord, I want to trust, but too often I do not.  Life’s circumstances get in the way, and I let the circumstances dictate my level of trust.  Help me to have true faith, not to trust the things of this world but trusting You above all things.  Guide me in Your goodness to know that in You alone is my hope.  You are trustworthy.  You who spoke all things into existence will accomplish all that You have promised.

Holy Spirit, confront me in my lack of trust today.  Help me to see where I am not trusting.  Lead me away from trusting things of the world more than You.  Guide me in goodness to understand and live out the first commandment where I trust You above all things.  Lead me this day to live by the justifying faith You give by grace to do those things You give me to do.  May I be faithful to Your call this day.  Amen.

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