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Scripture: Mark 5:21-43 


Prop: A new band-aid for each child. 

Pastor: Good morning boys and girls! Welcome! Let’s say good morning to our friend Sammy and see if she is there. Ready? One, two, three: Good morning, Sammy! 

Sammy: Good morning, everyone!

 Pastor: How are you doing today, Sammy? 

 Sammy: I am doing really well. I had my breakfast this morning and my maa-maa brushed my wool and I made it to church on time.  

 Pastor: That’s great, Sammy!  

 Sammy: How are you, Pastor? 

Pastor: I am doing well, but I have something on my mind. 

 Sammy: What’s on your mind? 

 Pastor: I’m wondering how much faith we have as a congregation. 

 Sammy: What do you mean? 

 Pastor: Well, when I read the gospel reading for today, we heard about Jairus and his faith that Jesus could heal his daughter. And while Jesus was on his way to heal the girl, a woman had such a big faith that Jesus could heal her if she could just reach out and touch his clothes. What do you think, boys and girls? How do we know if we have faith like Jairus and the sick woman? 

 [Allow time for responses] 

 Pastor: These are all great answers, everyone! 

 Sammy: Pastor, I think our congregation has great faith. St. Paul talks about how blessed we are because we have not seen Jesus, and yet we still believe in him. 

Pastor: That’s right, Sammy. I was also thinking about how Jesus heals our bodies and also our spirits. He takes care of our physical needs and our spiritual needs. 

 Sammy: Just like in the gospel you read today! Jesus healed a woman and a girl, and when the girl was raised up from the dead, Jesus told her mom and dad to give her something to eat. He knew she was hungry and she needed food. I love that Jesus takes care of us—especially because I am always hungry! 

 Pastor: Me too, Sammy. Remember that Jesus also takes care of our spiritual bodies, our souls, too. When he raises Jairus’s daughter from the dead, his miracle points to the resurrection of his own body when he will rise from the dead. And guess what? 

 Sammy: What? What? 

 Pastor: Jesus will raise each of us from the dead, too. 

 Sammy: That’s so cool! I will get to live forever with Jesus. 

 Pastor: Yes—we get to live with him in Heaven, and one day, he will come back and Heaven and earth will be one. 

 Sammy: And there will be no more death or pain, and we will not need to be healed anymore. We won’t need to buy any more band-aids, Pastor!  

 Pastor: Speaking of band-aids, one of the best ways I know to help us with healing is a band-aid. I am going to give each of you a band-aid (a new one) to remind you that Jesus is our great healer. You can put it on now, or you can save it for when you really need it. 

 Sammy: I want one, too, please! [Pastor puts a band-aid on Sammy] Oooo I love it! Jesus is our healer: both of our bodies and our spirits. 

 Pastor: Let’s say a prayer together. Boys and girls, will you fold your hands and bow your heads with me, please? Dear Jesus, thank you for healing our bodies. Thank you for providing for us. Thank you for raising us up to new life in you. Amen. 

 Sammy: Bye, everyone! 

 Pastor: Bye, Sammy! 


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