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Ephesians 1:3-14 


Pastor: Good morning boys and girls! Welcome! Let’s say good morning to our friend Sammy and see if she is there. Ready? One, two, three: Good morning, Sammy! 

Sammy: Good morning, everyone! Pastor, I heard a big word during your reading of the gospel lesson today. 

Pastor: There were several big words. Which one would you like to talk about, Sammy? 

Sammy: In-her-i-tance. 

Pastor: Inheritance. Sure, Sammy. We can talk about that. I want to see if the boys and girls know what this word means. Boys and girls, what is an inheritance? 

[Allow time for responses] 

Pastor: These are great answers/guesses. An inheritance is something that a person gains after another person dies. When a person is still living, he or she usually decides to give his or her money and house and car to another person or to many people. Then, when that person dies, the family members receive an inheritance of a house, a car, or money. 

Sammy: Can a person give an inheritance of smaller things, too? 

Pastor: Of course! Sometimes people give their family members jewelry or special objects that they have in their homes. 

Sammy: That’s so cool! So my great-grand-maa-maa gave my maa-maa a shiny bell to wear around her neck in the pasture. And one day I will get the bell. 

Pastor: That’s the right idea, Sammy. An inheritance is really special because it shows people that you love them. 

Sammy: Hmm. 

Pastor: What’s the matter, Sammy? 

Sammy: I’m confused, Pastor. How does an inheritance matter in church? What does it mean in the reading from Ephesians? 

Pastor: In the reading from Ephesians, Paul explains to the people of Ephesus that when Jesus died on the cross, we received an inheritance from him. 

Sammy: We did?! 

Pastor: We did. 

Sammy: That is the coolest inheritance yet! Wait, what is the inheritance from Jesus, again? 

Pastor: We are given many gifts, but the main gift is the Holy Spirit. We are also given an inheritance as sons and daughters of the King of Kings: Eternal Life with Jesus. 

Sammy: That is the sweetest inheritance. 

Pastor: Yes it is. Let’s pray. Can everyone please fold your hands and bow your heads? Dear Jesus, Thank you for dying on the cross for us. Thank you for giving us an inheritance of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for letting us party with you forever. Amen. 

Sammy: Bye, everyone! 

Pastor: Bye, Sammy!

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